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Standard Pool Coorparoo Standard Pool Coorparoo idea.
Standard Pool Coorparoo Standard Pool Coorparoo idea.
Standard Pool Coorparoo Standard Pool Coorparoo idea.
Plunge Pool Coorparoo Plunge Pool Coorparoo idea.
Luxury Pool Coorparoo Luxury Pool Coorparoo idea.
Luxury Pool Coorparoo Luxury Pool Coorparoo idea.
Lap Pool Coorparoo Lap Pool Coorparoo idea.
Family Pool Coorparoo Family Pool Coorparoo idea.
Family Pool Coorparoo Family Pool Coorparoo idea.

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In Coorparoo we celebrate our range of "Crown" inground pools in fine style. In Coorparoo and perfect for the budget conscious pool builder is a Crown pool featuring concrete construction, tiled effects and select finishes. A Crown pool is serviced by perfectly matched pump and filtration, so you will be swimming in no time.

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In Coorparoo, if a dash of flair is your thing, then a Meridian series pool is dressed to impress and is the perfect pool for you. With all concrete construction, select finishes, premium tiling and you get the option of one or more features that improve your pools function or aesthetic to make the most of your lifestyle.

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To match your luxury Coorparoo lifestyle is our range or Pinnacle pools. A celebration of premium Coorparoo living, enjoy a completely custom designed and crafted to your lifestyle is your Pinnacle pool. In pool seating and the finest pumping and filtration available, integration to the household, entertaining areas, the latest technology with the likes of windows plus options in superior finishes and tiling.

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Suburb Profile

Pool builders Coorparoo, Brisbane

Coorparoo is a suburb in Brisbane, it's location can be found right around the suburbs of Camp Hill, Holland Park, Stones Corner, Greenslopes, East Brisbane, and Norman Park.

The name Coorparoo is said to be agreed upon on a meeting back in 1875. Early surveyors allegedly recorded the area as Koolpuroom, the Aboriginal name for Norman Creek. History is not clear whether the name Coorparoo has something to do with mosquitos, or it is derived from the sound made by a spotted dove. Nevertheless, the name Coorparoo got stuck, and it seems like more than 16,000 people living in the suburb are okay with it.

There is, however, an Aboriginal history about Coorparoo that seems to sound more soundly than the others, it tells of the Coorparoo Clan camping along creeks. There were reports of the Aborigines raiding produce back in 1846, and a fight between various territories in 1853 that ultimately defined the settlements of nearby places including that of Coorparoo.

The following years saw investors flocking into the area and buying lands to create residential spaces. In 1876, public transport came in the form of wagonettes offered by Frederick Robinson. More and more subdivisions were opened for the public, and the real estate landscape in Coorparoo literally changed since then.

The Coorparoo of today continues to develop, with the demolition of the old Myer Department Store came three residential towers with commercial spaces on the ground floors. Coorparoo Square was established in 2017 that has a Dendy Cinema, Aldi Supermarket, and many retail and coffee shops.

The homes in Coorparoo are very different from what they looked like in the late 1800s, but is still inhabited by some of the nicest people in Brisbane.

Pools Coorparoo Brisbane Profiles

Street Type Length
Amelia Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 6.3 m
Brae Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 6.3 m
Buena Vista Ave, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 9.6 m
Capella Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 9 m
Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo Family Pool 9.1 m
Chatsworth Rd, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 7.3 m
Ferol Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 8.7 m
Hipwood Ave, Coorparoo Lap Pool 15 m
Hipwood Ave, Coorparoo Family Pool 8.1 m
Letchworth Rd, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 12 m
Letchworth Rd, Coorparoo Lap Pool 13.7 m
Mackay Street, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 7.2 m
Mars Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 9.3 m
Orion Street, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 8.2 m
Sirius Street, Coorparoo Lap Pool 10.4 m
Smeaton Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 8.5 m
Stirrat Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 8.5 m
Stoneleigh Street, Coorparoo Family Pool 8.7 m
Trundle Street, Coorparoo Lap Pool 14.5 m
Verry Street, Coorparoo Luxury Pool 9.1 m

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Craig Mathison


Building pools in backyards, at hotels and resorts across the South East Queensland corner, Craig Mathison has worked tirelessly since 1993. Craig has returned to South East Queensland, after a long stint living and raising a sporting family in Gladstone, he is now a pool builder near Coorparoo. Zenith Pools Brisbane the obvious choice for your Coorparoo pool and landscaping projects, building quality pools and aquatic facilities, Craig's gentlemanly manner is supported by his trusted team of workers. You will be relaxing beside your Coorparoo pool in not time, due to Craig and the commited and honest crew at Zenith Pools.

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