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Installing a Pool in an Investment Property

28 August 2019

The benefits of an investment property are numerous. There are tax-write offs, a source of income, and the opportunity for appreciation of assets. All this, while someone else is living in it and essentially paying your mortgage for you. To make the most of this situation though, you need your property to be a stand-out. Installing a pool in an investment property is a good place to start.

Having a pool in an investment property is a way of adding luxury to it. When potential renters view the property and see the pool, they start to imagine their life involving it. It creates a personal connection for them, and with that connection they will fight harder to secure it. The pool can be a stand-out feature that will see you rent the property out a lot easier.

Aside from drawing in more potential renters, a pool in an investment property is actually a good investment in itself. Having a feature such as that will allow you to charge extra for rent. While that extra might be needed to maintain it, it will also mean extra in your pocket. As well as that, a feature such as a pool can greatly increase your overall value.

The decision to install a pool in an investment property is one that can really pay dividends, and we are here to help. At Zenith Pools we will work with you to make the most out of it and ensure you receive a pool that maximizes its surroundings.

We have a team of skilled pool builders that provide quality pool construction and other pool-related services across Brisbane. To get this conversation started, contact us via phone on 0414 708 572.

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