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Dear Zenith Pools, is my property too small for a pool?

14 December 2018

Relatively speaking, real estate lots come in smaller sizes these days compared to how it was decades ago. The smaller size of properties only fuelled the creativity of many people. Various innovations in smaller spaces have been made in order to maximise creativity and comfort. The minimalist lifestyle has taken the home improvement industry in overwhelming waves and is now considered the smartest way to live.

Regardless of land space, there are options when designing a pool to complement the family home. The team from Zenith Pools knows that it is possible! As small spaces turn from niche to norm, people are now turning to solutions to add a pool in smaller spaces.

Properties blessed with so much land space still exist, and for people living in such space-abundant areas, putting up a pool is not that much of a problem. For people living in smaller spaces, it's a creative challenge. Such was the case on the job here in Norman Park.

Norman Park is a suburb only 4 km east of the Brisbane CBD. Bordering Coorparoo, East Brisbane and Camp Hill, the suburb is relatively hilly and hosts some very prestigious homes, albeit, on diverse size lots. This luxury plunge pool was built with relaxation in mind - with a minibar and cooking facility, surrounded by lush green plants and an entertainment lawn.

Before thinking about designing something like this Norman Park pool, that may make the front page of Pinterest, there are still some things that need considering. A good balance between aesthetics and function must be maintained. Before building a pool, big or small, technical considerations must be answered. Things like the adjoining property protection works, town planning, building code requirements, fencing, and boundary restrictions should be taken care off first.

Once these are taken care off, it's time to call your trusted pool experts who are in charge of making the design of the pool you've always wanted, manifested in a realistic and minimalist way. You can't have an Olympic-sized pool in a home with not much land space.

Designing pools in smaller spaces require accurate and strategic positioning. A pool should be an integral centerpiece of the plot, not its only dominating element. Knowing what type of possibilities are available, helps guide pool designers and builders in choosing the best material for the pool.

Get started now and build the pool of your dreams with Zenith Pools. You can reach Zenith Pools on  0414 708 572.

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