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Top Tips for building your Plunge Pool in Carina

11 January 2019

When more space didn't exactly equate to more family time, more households are looking towards more intimate alternatives where they could maximise with the minimum.

Enter, the plunge pool—the perfect balance between space/energy efficiency and luxurious aesthetics. It answers the intimate alternative question and maintains a maximised minimalist identity.

The pictures online look so good, but how is it exactly done? Here are three top tips on how to get your plunge pool in Carina from the pool building experts in Zenith Pools.

1. Get the best fit

The key to building the best plunge pool is to maximise a relatively smaller space. Considering a concrete pool is a good start because concrete pools tend to be more flexible in form compared to fibreglass. Envision the best size where the pool can be built, and start from there. Experienced pool builders like the team from Zenith Pools would usually ask how often the pool would be used, knowing how the pool would fit into the lifestyle of the family is an excellent starting point in deciding which kind of plunge pool you is best for the family.

2. Feature

Many would think that having a pool in the home itself is the feature, but that is not where the conversation ends. A plunge pool is more than just a hole in the ground filled with water. It's important to know what features should go into the pool. Zenith Pools' previous clients often prefer installing jets and bubblers, but it all depends upon your taste and how you see your pool. However you see it, the expert pool builders from Zenith Pools will help you realise that vision.

3. Final touches

Since it has been established that the goal does not end with a hole in the ground filled with water, top off your plunge pool with the most stunning aesthetics that goes well with how the home looks like. Putting in landscaping, unique lighting, and other aesthetic features can set your plunge pool apart, make it uniquely yours, and encourage the family to spend more time together in the pool.

These days, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Particularity is a new identity. Every part of the home has to speak out your particular taste, and the plunge pool is a perfect fit for more and more people discovering its practical size and uses.

The best way to build your own plunge pool is to call Brisbane's best pool builders, Zenith Pools. You can reach Zenith Pools through their number 0414 708 572 or by reaching them at their local office in Coorparoo. Call them now and start envisioning your plunge pool.

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