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Different Types of Pool Finishes in Balmoral

18 January 2019

The pool's finish will not only dictate the appearance of your pool, but it will also show how durable it is. If you live in Balmoral or any of its surrounding suburbs, it's important to consider the different pool finishes available for your family or personal swimming pool. In this week's blog, here are some of the most popular finishes available on the market for your new swimming pool.


Standard white plaster is the traditional and most common material used for pool finishes. Despite the myriad of choices of pool finishes released in the market in recent years, this classic white material remained popular and has been around as long as people have been building pools. This finish is the most affordable among the choices but is the most vulnerable to damages.


Though expensive, tile finish is the most durable interior finish for swimming pools. These include porcelain, ceramic and glass tile. Compared to aggregates, tile is easier to clean. This type of finish comes with different colours and patterns, and many homeowners prefer this type of finish because of the possibilities to create endless designs and nice mosaics on the pool's floor.


Aggregate finish is like an enhanced type of plaster. It is made up of crushed stones such as granite, marble or quartz. When combined with white plaster, aggregates afford a wide range of colours.

Zenith Pools offer a range of designs that can help you with the finishing touch of your dream pool. If you have any questions about pool finishes for your pool in Balmoral, talk to Zenith Pools today. You can reach them via phone on 0414 708 572, or visit them at their local office in Coorparoo.

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