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Top 4 Glass Fencing Pool Tips for your home in Chelmer

25 January 2019

No one simply builds a pool in Australia without thinking about its pool fencing laws. If for example, you build a pool for your home in Chelmer, it has to be compliant according to the Australian Standards 1926.1 - 2012 law, as well as rules and specifications, stated in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

For many homeowners that have built pools in Chelmer, the regulations only gave pool builders more creativity room on how pools should pair with fences. The pool building experts from Zenith Pools recommend installing glass fences around your pool for the following benefits. Here are 4 glass fencing pool tips that would complete your desired elegant look for your pool in Chelmer:

1. Gives full view, free from obstructions
Having a clear glass fence gives you a full view on your pool. That works well when admiring the elegant aesthetics that the pool brings, or when watching your children as they play in the pool. This unobstructed view is not only an aesthetical feature, but is also one of safety.

2. Tough and durable
Zenith Pools uses only the toughest glass. Tempered glass panels are processed in such a way that they can endure a hefty amount of force without showing any signs of breaking. Secured by a stainless steel base, each glass panel is absolutely safe and is very durable.

3. Low maintenance
Glass panels don't require so much maintenance. Just a few splashes of water and some wiping down, and the glass fence is as good as new. Unlike mesh or steel fences, glass fences will not rot or rust. Glass fences have the quality and the durability that lasts which makes it a good investment.

4. Gives the pool an aesthetic identity
By now, a glass fence is a sure-fire top-notch choice when it comes to pool fences. Not only is it durable, low-maintenance, and safe, it gives the pool its aesthetic uniqueness. Frame-in that elegance with glass like the finest chalice of water the entire family can experience.

Having a great looking pool is now easier thanks to the pool building experts from Zenith Pools.

Zenith Pools has helped many dream homes in Chelmer complete their dream-look by building a pool that sits perfectly with their home.

Contact Zenith Pools to get your dream realisation project started. You can reach Zenith Pools through phone on 0414 708 572 or visit their office in Coorparoo.

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