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Popular types of swimming pools in Sherwood

29 March 2019

Pools come in different types, sizes and shapes. Selecting one for your yard in Sherwood can be a complicated process. Here are 3 of the most popular pool types of pools in and around the beautiful suburb of Sherwood:

Lap Pools
As some residential lots in Sherwood have become smaller, lap pools gained popularity. Lap pools are typically long and narrow. This pool is built for fitness and health purposes. The ideal length for a lap pool is at least 45 feet. Residents desire lap pools installed in their yard to assist them in getting frequent exercise. If you're feeling the inconvenience of needing to visit your community pool just for a workout (or visiting your neighbour's pool just for a quick lap!), lap pools provide for a good aquatic workout to help keep you in shape right in the comfort and convenience of your very own yard.

Plunge pool
One of the hottest pools trending in today's market, plunge pools are popular as a landscape ornament or feature. This sort of pool is small, shallow and is designed for lounging and cooling off. Some homeowners in Sherwood have noted that they prefer plunge pools because of their low cost and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their yards. Plunge pools are generally easier to maintain also.

Family Pools
Typically, a family pool is considered one that hosts dimensions of approximately 8m and 4m. Family pools are primarily built for recreational purposes. A family pool helps improve your family life and can double up as a great workout pool for all members of the family, pets included! Nothing says "summer" than a wonderful afternoon by the pool with family and friends, sharing in a BBQ and a drink or two.

Decided on what pool type suits your lifestyle, budget and yard? Zenith Pools specialise in designing and building all types of pools across Sherwood and beyond. For pool builders in Sherwood and other Brisbane suburbs, call Zenith Pools Brisbane on 0414 708 572 and based in Coorparoo.

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