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4 factors to consider before building an in-ground pool in Macgregor

19 April 2019

An in-ground pool is a pool built into the ground. The materials used for an in-ground pool are concrete, natural stone and fibreglass. There are three types of in-ground pools - fibreglass, vinyl and concrete. Among the three, concrete is the most popular. But before installing one in Macgregor, here are the four factors you need to consider.

The design
Always make sure to finalise the design you want for your in-ground pool. It involves the size, shape and depth. In-ground pools are flexible. You can always add features such as tanning ledges and other water features. A qualified pool builder can help you choose what type of pool is perfect for your backyard.

Circulation system
Circulating water is the key to keeping your in-ground pool in Macgregor clean. A circulation system consists of a filter, pump, heater and sanitation system. The water will pull out from the pool and will drain through a skimmer. It will undergo filtration and heating.

An in-ground pool must be compliant with the zoning regulations in Macgregor. This is to ensure pool safety and for the construction to run smooth. You have to ask permission in your local area to avoid confrontations from the authority.

Pick the right pool builder
Any construction project can have unforeseen setbacks, and pool installation is no different. Zenith Pools is one of the reliable pool builders in Brisbane. Craig and his team are dedicated to creating the best pools in Macgregor. You can reach them via phone at 0414 708 572. You can also visit their office based in Coorparoo.

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