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When is it time to re-plaster your pool in Salisbury?

07 June 2019

Plaster is a material used for the protective coating of decorative elements. Not just in structures, but plaster is necessary and perfect for your swimming pool in Salisbury. It makes the pool waterproof and provides for some great aesthetic appeal. Pools also experience wear and tear, particularly when it comes to plaster. It is unpleasant when it starts to peel off. Keeping it in shape is necessary to maintain your pool's structural integrity. Here are three signs it's time to re-plaster your pool in Salisbury:

Wear and tear
Plasters are made from soft surface material. With this texture, plaster is easily damaged. it is also exposed to the effects of constant contact with strong chemicals that can destroy the material.  When you notice roughness on your pool's surface, you may want to consider re-plastering it.

Pool renovation
Pool renovation doesn't only mean redesigning the pool - it also consists of changing finishes and fences. During renovation is the most appropriate time to re-plaster your pool in Salisbury. Aside from resurfacing the deck, consider changing the plaster to fully enjoy the new look of your pool.

Pool Stains
Pool stains are inevitable. Stains can be cleaned using acid washes that will remove the plaster. If you've applied too much acid washes but's it not returning to the look of vitality, consider pool re-plastering.

Swimming in a smooth-surfaced pool adds up to your swimming experience. Zenith Pools offer a range of designs that can help you re-plaster your pool. If you have any questions about pool re-plastering for your pool in Salisbury, or need someone to do new pool builds in your suburb, talk to Zenith Pools today. You can reach us via phone on 0414 708 572.

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