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Why choose a concrete pool in Annerley?

17 May 2019

Pools are common in the Annerley. Data suggests that a large proportion of homes in the suburb possess a pool of some description or nature. We've noted the top three pool types in the suburb (in no particular order) are Vinyl, Fibreglass and Concrete Pools. Though they differ in size, advantages and durability, there denying the fact that one pool type offers the greatest in terms of flexibility. A concrete pool may not be chosen more often by homeowners because of how long it takes to build, but no one can deny the fact that it's the most durable pool you can have. As trusted pool builders in Annerley, here's why you need to consider building a concrete pool for your Annerley property.

While fibreglass pools are cost-effective and highly customisable, they offer little in the way of withstanding serious foundational stresses derived from contoured landscaping. Installing a concrete pool on the other hand, provides for a more sturdy platform. Important notes to consider include deciding on its size and depth depending on the availability of space in your front of back yard.

When it comes to durability, concrete pools are simply the best. The materials used are rigid enough to increase the pools longevity and will fair better against constant patronage and stresses caused by the elements. If you want a long-term investment that will increase the value of your home, consider installing a concrete pool.

There may be a range of popular pool types in Annerley but a concrete pool is considered the best option. At Zenith Pools, we're passionate about delivering finest concrete pools in Brisbane. We are pool builders capable of building concrete pools that you and your family in Annerley will surely enjoy.

For top quality pool construction in Annerley, contact our highly-skilled team from Zenith Pools today. You can reach us phone on 0414 708 572.

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