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What causes cracked pool tiles in Carindale?

31 May 2019

A pool is a great way to combat the summer heat in Carindale. However, if not given the proper care, damage may occur that could also bring serious issues. Problems associated by an ill-maintained pool may include murky water, filtration problems and even the odd (but most annoying) cracked pool tile. Cracked pool tiles may mean serious trouble, and we've seen a recent case in Carindale that peaked our attention. Here's some helpful advice about that, and the common reasons to why cracked pools occur.

One of the most common causes of a cracked pool tile is its constant exposure to the sun's heat.  Every time you drain or leave your pool unattended while the water level decreases, it exposes the interior surface or the upper part of the pool to direct sunlight. When this happens, they become dry and more prone to cracking.

If you notice cracks showing off in the pool's tiles and start to loosen, it is because of the pool water that seeps behind them as the material that protects the tile wears out with time. As a result, tiles become delaminated.

Another reason for a cracked pool tile is the use of low-quality materials during the pool construction. Pool construction needs to be precise, from testing the quality of the soil to using the appropriate tile material.

Homeowners and pool builders in Brisbane need to be vigilant of the adverse effects of poor construction and subsequent pool tiling damage. Where craftsmanship meets quality and value, contact the team from Zenith Pools for the best pool advice and practice. Zenith Pools is a not just your average pool builder based out of Coorparoo; Zenith Pools are professional pool builders that will install pools in your yard only using top-quality products and equipment. For pool tiling and pool construction in Carindale, you can reach us by phone on 0414 708 572.

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