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Zenith Pools: 3 things you'll love about owning a pool in Fairfield

14 June 2019

We take pride in being Fairfield's preferred pool builder and share in the delight of our work with homeowners in the suburb. When you picture your home having a pool in the front yard, what do you see? Do you see your kids enjoying the splash of the water or do you see yourself relaxing on a chair by the pool? Pools are not just for showing off. They're a necessity especially in Brisbane during the summer season. You may not realise it now, but building and owning a pool has so many benefits. Here are three of the more "unexpected" benefits of pool ownership in Fairfield.

People in Fairfield love spending quality time by their pool, listening to the relaxing sound of a water feature. Instead of going to community pools nearby, pools are a great way if you're wanting to spend your vacation or free time at home. There's no need for travelling and you can have more time at home.

Pools are a great venue when it comes to working out. When you have your own pool, you'll feel more encouraged to get fit. It also keeps your kids away from technology. It improves flexibility and speeds up your recovery.

Home value
When you have a pool and you're planning to sell your property, you'll find an uptick in property value and sale times. Residents in Fairfield prefer a property with a pool already installed. However, the value will depend on the size and durability of your pool.

When it comes to choosing the right pool builders in Fairfield, it's Zenith Pools Brisbane that knows best. Providing you with the best aquatic experience in the area, we will only give you the best concrete pool that fits your home and taste. Asides from pool building, we also offer pool tiling, fencing and renovation. Just give us a call via phone at 0414 708 572.

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