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Pool Builders in Brisbane - Why winter pool care matters

17 July 2019

Every pool builder in Brisbane knows that winter season is one of the quieter months in terms of pool builds in the city. Along with the winter chill, arrives the neglect that many pool owners have when it comes to caring for their swimming pools in the months between June and August. Since we're experiencing the cold season, it's important to look after our pool before the warmer weather arrives. Yes, pool care is necessary even during the winter months, as this prevents algae build-up and debris accumulation, especially from dead leaves. Here's some top advice from one of Queensland's Best pool builders in Brisbane:

The most basic step in cleaning your pool during winter is simply to - clean it. It is important to brush the walls and the floor surface thoroughly to prevent algae build-up. When your pool has algae stuck on the surface, chances are high that accidents and injuries may occur. Vacuum the whole pool and clean the skimmer baskets. Clean the filter regularly as grease or scale deposits will solidify over the winter, making it more difficult to clean.

Ensure the water keeps its acidity balanced by measuring its pH level. Use a pH metre to maintain its pH level between 7.4 and 7.6.  If the results are not exact when measuring the acidity level of the water, add the appropriate chemical treatments to balance it. It is much better to seek help from pool professionals than doing things on your own.

Test and maintain the chlorine level in accordance with the temperature of the water. If it falls between 10 to 21 degrees Celsius, make sure to check it again at least once a month and bi-monthly if it goes beyond the threshold.

Always ensure your pool's condition and design remain at its best during the winter months of Brisbane. If you ever need help, contact the most trusted pool builder in Brisbane, Zenith Pools. Composed of skilled pool builders, Zenith Pools are dedicated to providing quality pool construction and other pool-related services in Brisbane's southside. You can call us via phone on 0414 708 572.

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