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Celebrating pools in Bulimba in fine style is our range of "Crown" inground pools. A Crown pool features concrete construction, tiled effects and select finishes, perfect for the budget conscious pool builder in Bulimba. You will be swimming in a Crown pool in no time, serviced by a perfectly matched pump and filtration system.


A Meridian series pool is dressed to impress and a perfect pool for Bulimba, if a dash of flair is your thing. Premium tiling, select finishes, and concrete construction plus the option of one or more features that improve your pools function or aesthetic to make the most of your lifestyle.


To match your luxury Bulimba lifestyle is our range or Pinnacle pools. A celebration of premium Bulimba living, enjoy a completely custom designed and crafted to your lifestyle is your Pinnacle pool. Option in superior finishes and tiling and the latest technology with the likes of windows, integration to the household, entertaining areas, in pool seating and the finest pumping and filtration available.

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Pool builders Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba is one of the suburbs in the City of Brisbane. Located right on the Southern bank of the Brisbane River, Bulimba is just a four-kilometre drive from the Brisbane Central Business District. As of 2016, there are around 6,800 people living in Bulimba.

The suburb's name was given by the first inhabitants of the area, the Yugarra people. Bulimba is a name given to this suburb, the Bulimba Creek, and another suburb named Bulimba Reach. The term Bulimba is a Yugarapul word that means the place of the magpie lark, or the pee-wee.

Much of Bulimba's history relies heavily on the efforts of its citizens. Bulimba's own Reginald Blunt, for example, built the first safety Cycle om 1885 which was used by Brisbane cyclist Peter Dowd.

In honor of servicemen who died in World War One, Bulimba's Robert Jamieson donated around four hectares of land on what is now the heritage-listed Bulimba Memorial Park. Trees are planted on the park in honor of the servicemen which comes with plaques for every serviceman. While most of the plaques are not there anymore, the tribute to these servicemen are still very much alive.

Gilber Robert Beveridge designed the Bulimba State School, it was built in 1938 and accomodated hundreds of Bulimba's young learners.

Bulimba plays host to many heritage-listed sites like the Bulimba House in 34 Kenbury Street, the Bulimba Ferry Wharf, the aforementioned Bulimba Memorial Park, the St John the Baptist Anglican Church, and the Bulimba State School all located in Oxford Street.

With industry and the residential life booming, Bulimba has around 5000 registered vehicles and around 900 registered businesses.

Complete the masterplan in your home in Bulimba, top it all off with an excellently-crafted pool made by no less than Brisbane's own Zenith Pools. Talk to Zenith Pools now to learn more.

Pools Bulimba Brisbane Profiles

Street Type Length
Apollo Road, Bulimba Luxury Pool 15 m
Birkalla Street, Bulimba Standard Pool 9.1 m
Bolan Street, Bulimba Family Pool 7.1 m
Brisbane Street, Bulimba Family Pool 8.6 m
Brisbane Street, Bulimba Lap Pool 11.5 m
Bulimba Street, Bulimba Family Pool 8 m
Coutts Street, Bulimba Family Pool 9.6 m
Duke Street, Bulimba Family Pool 9.5 m
Henderson Street, Bulimba Standard Pool 5.4 m
Love Street, Bulimba Commercial Pool 25.6 m
McConnell Street, Bulimba Luxury Pool 25 m
McConnell Street, Bulimba Luxury Pool 8.8 m
McConnell Street, Bulimba Luxury Pool 9.3 m
Merry Street, Bulimba Lap Pool 9 m
Parklane Place, Bulimba Luxury Pool 4.5 m
Parklane Place, Bulimba Family Pool 10.5 m
Pine Street, Bulimba Luxury Pool 7 m
Portside Place, Bulimba Luxury Pool 9.1 m
Princess Street, Bulimba Family Pool 8 m
Stuart Street, Bulimba Family Pool 9 m

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