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Enjoy Your Christmas With a New Pool

11 September 2019

An Australian Christmas is something that's envied the world over. Our warm weather, the BBQ's and a game of cricket all come to mind. Water plays a big part in this image too, to give the sense of a true perfect Christmas. We don't all have the luxury of heading off to the beach though. So why not enjoy your Christmas with a new pool installed?

Its easy to assume that Christmas is too far away to think about. The truth of the fact though is that its almost here. At roughly 4 months away, it will be here before you realise. With that timeframe, now is the perfect time to consider celebrating your Christmas with a new pool. If you leave it much later, you'll run the risk of missing out.

The whole process is easier than it sounds. We have an 8-week turnaround on installation, and there are 3 packages to choose from. Our Crown range will suit any budget conscious customers, while ensuring you still get all the benefits.

The next step up from there is our Meridian package. This comes with our usual quality construction, but you get an extra feature or two to bring some extra aesthetic flair to your finished product. To really live the life at Christmas with a new pool though, our pinnacle package is our top of the range. It brings you all the touches of luxury that will leave you feeling a million dollars.

The idea of a relaxing home Christmas is something we've all dreamed of and having that Christmas with a new pool is a way to make it happen. Contact us at Zenith Pools now via phone on 0414 708 572, and we can make this dream a reality.

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