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Pool Construction on Sloping Land in Greenslopes

04 January 2019

Sloped yards are a common issue for pool builders in Brisbane. It can be more challenging and can add complexities to customers and contractors, and installing one on a backyard that has a steep surface can be quite difficult and tricky.

Steep and sloped yards might seem like an impossible area to place a pool, but with some solid engineering and construction advice, it is possible. There are choices available if you want to have a pool on your not-so-flat backyard. Here are some advices to take note when building a pool on a sloped surface.

Retaining Wall
The very first thing that needs to be included when constructing a pool on a hilly area is a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a rigid structure engineered to restrain a lateral pressure of soil or water. Each retaining wall is cantilevered to ensure if it's strong enough to hold the pressure and weight of the sloping ground pushing it. Some of the most commonly used materials for pool retaining walls are; Cinder block, Interlocking concrete block, Turndown slab and wood which is the most budget-friendly.

Site Work/Filling
Another way of dealing with the hilly part when building a pool is to do site work or filling and building up the down hill side. This is one way to achieve a level foundation for your pool. It has to be properly compacted or else it will cause cracks once the pool is installed. With this, the shape and its steepness can be remoulded to make it better suited.

Constructing pools in sloped yards might be a difficult thing to handle for pool builders, but the team at Zenith Pools experienced lots of work including this one. They surely know how to get the job done. Check out this example of a pool built on sloping land in Greenslopes. In a delicate balance of architectural, construction and engineering considerations, the client's ideal pool concept was met.

For pool construction in the suburb of Greenslopes and beyond, you can reach Zenith Pools via phone on 0414 708 572, or visit them at their local office in Coorparoo

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