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Pool landscaping ideas in Holland Park

01 February 2019

Pool landscaping ideas in Holland Park - Zenith Pools

Landscaping a swimming pool is a different challenge for pool builders. From designing to choosing the right plants, everything must be planned and should fit with the pool's design. Without it, your pool seems lacking in every aspect because it has no energy to lighten up the area. Here are 3 pool landscaping ideas for you to follow for your pool landscape in Holland Park.

Choose the rights plants for your garden
Choosing the right plants for your garden doesn't mean choosing plants according to your favourite colour, scent and size. There are factors you have to consider before doing so. When selecting plants for landscaping your pool, consider these;

-Safety - This factor plays a vital role in choosing the right plant. Select a plant that can't be inhabited by insects.
-Low Maintenance - Pick plants that don't need too much maintenance.
-Privacy - Pick huge plants to cover a certain area of the pool for everyone's privacy. But don't pick too large plants that will cover the pool's beauty and plants that even snakes can hide under it.

Succulents are popular plants to place near your pool. Asides from them providing mesmerising views, they also provide for a relaxing vibe for everyone. Just make sure succulents planted near the pool don't have thorns.

Add water features
Water in motion attracts our senses. Adding water features in your pool areas such as water walls and spas will make your pool area look more appealing.

Turn your swimming pool background into something extraordinary. Upgrade the landscape for your pool in Holland Park and enhance your experience around it with the help of Zenith Pools. For pool construction and pool landscaping in Holland Park, call them now.

You can reach Zenith Pools through phone on 0414 708 572 or visit their office in Coorparoo.

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