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Pool Remodelling in Carina Heights

08 February 2019

Old properties have older pools and in the beautiful suburb of Carina Heights, we've noted that some pools could use some updating. Some pool builders in bygone eras, as reliable and hard-working as they were, at times these pool builders lacked pool designing abilities and thus produced designs that quickly felt outdated and redundant. When you have an old pool in your yard, it may also no longer give you the same vivaciousness or energy you used to have when your pool was newly-built. Some homeowners in Carina Heights are stuck with their out-of-date swimming pools and are encouraged to consider pool remodelling as one of their options to changing their pool's overall look and feel.

In pool remodelling, the possibilities are endless. You can change the surface of your pool by changing it from traditional plaster to tiles. It gives your pool a modern look that will enhance your swimming experience with family and friends. Tiles are also easy to clean compared to plaster and aggregate.

Lights also give your pool a luxurious look. Rather than settling for the traditional light bulb, modern homeowners prefer installing LED lights in their pool to turn their ordinary pool into an oasis postcard. This lighting is also more energy-efficient compared to those traditional (often halogen) ones.

To complete your pool's new look, pool landscaping is also one of the choices for you to choose in renovating your pool. From choosing the right plants to adding water features, landscaping your pool will give your pool a more vibrant look.

Zenith Pools offers to upgrade your out-of-date swimming pool into an extraordinary one. They specialise in pool construction and pool landscaping to upgrade your old pool into a whole new level. For pool remodelling and pool construction in suburbs such as Carina Heights and beyond, contact the pool builders from Zenith Pools today. You can reach them via phone at 0414 708 572, or visit them in their local office at Coorparoo.

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