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24 May 2019

Pools have been a big part of the Australian lifestyle to beat the summer heat. Some people without pools in their yard often visit community pools just to refresh or venture out to the nearest beach. Where traveling may be out of the question, having your own pool built by us is the answer. It then of course becomes a matter of the type of pool that one might be after.

A customer from Forest Lake approached us about what sort of pool was best for their home. We were discussing over coffee the pros and cons for each, and we were left with the two most probable choices - Fibreglass versus Concrete builds. We suggested building a concrete pool for his home in Forest Lake and here's why:

Flexible and Customisable
Concrete pools are known to be flexible when it comes to their designs. You can always have the choice of choosing what shape you want for your concrete pool in virtually any space that can be allowed for. Concrete pools are also suitable for any sort of ground you wish to build it in - sloping ground, flat or plain. Even if your allocated space is small, Zenith Pools can help find ways to have a pool built on your property should it be made of concrete.

A concrete pool is made up of solid materials that strengthen the pool itself and can last up to years. Due to its durability, it can withstand strong weather conditions such as extreme storms. In case of wear and tear, a concrete pool is also easier to repair. If you choose a concrete pool, you made the right choice for a lifetime.

Value addition
Concrete pools add better value to your home as opposed to other pool types. Most people looking for homes prefer properties with a pool. When your property has a pool, the more buyers will also have the interest to buy it.

Owning a concrete pool is one of the best investments you could ever make, not to mention the delight it brings to you, your family and guests. If you're looking for reliable pool builders in Brisbane, call Zenith Pools Brisbane. We offer pool construction, pool tiling, pool renovation and other pool services in Forest Lake. For enquiries, call us on 0414 708 572.

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